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Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus (,000)

This bike pairs the same Bosch motor and battery as the Haibike to a more manageable 130mm trail-oriented bike. That might not sound like a lot of suspension, but honestly it’s as much as you need for most situations. As on the Haibike, a two-button controller on the left toggles between four power levels, which display on the head unit: Eco (50 percent assist), Tour (120 percent), Sport (210 percent), and Turbo (300 percent). It’s a simple system, making it easy to constantly shift between modes, which helps with economizing battery power. Range will always depend on power level and terrain, but on a three-hour ride predominantly in Eco setting, I used only about half the battery power. Compared with the Specialized system, the Bosch motor feels like it has more torque, which is great for steep stuff but also means the bike can surge and feel like it gets away from you a little in the higher power modes.

Despite the 50-pound weight, the Powerfly mostly rides like a capable mountain bike, with Trek’s supple rear end and an excellent Shimano XT 1x11 drivetrain. While I sometimes like the 2.8-inch Bontrager Chupacabra tires, here the rounded profile and low-profile tread don’t feel meaty enough for the weight and power. The fact that we were parsing details like this speaks to just how capable and refined the ride quality is—it feels like a normal mountain bike with the added benefit of pedal assist. Given that it’s the least expensive in the bunch, it’s difficult to argue against the Powerfly.

Cycle Life

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